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Gov Doc - Articles of Incorporation - Amended & Restated 2001Download
Gov Doc - Bylaws - Amended & Restated 2001Download
Gov Doc - Declaration of Covenants - Amended & Restated 2001Download
Gov Doc - Declaration of Covenants - Supplemental 2011Download
Resolution 2006-01 Policy and Procedures Regarding Emergency VehiclesDownload
Resolution 2006 Be Nice PolicyDownload
Resolution 2008-12 Conduct of MeetingsDownload
Resolution 2008-12 Director Conflict of Interest PolicyDownload
Resolution 2010-06 Support the Formation of Northern Saguache Library DistrictDownload
Resolution 2010-07 Amend the Equipment Officer Job DescriptionDownload
Resolution 2010-07 Appoint a Committee for Natural SurroundingsDownload
Resolution 2010-12 Adopting Additional Personnel Handbook AmendmentsDownload
Resolution 2011-01 Director Affirmation FormDownload
Resolution 2011-02 Supplemental Declaration Specifically Designating Association Owned Property as Common AreaDownload
Resolution 2011-04 Implement Recommendations From 2010 Annual AuditDownload
Resolution 2012-03 Interagency Agreement for Mutual Aid Between Fire DepartmentsDownload
Resolution 2013-00 Member in Good Standing Resolution - 130822 Download
Resolution 2014-01 Crestone-Baca Watershed Water Management of Riparian HabitatDownload
Resolution 2014-02 Charter for Ad Hoc Committee to Research Dues StructureDownload
Resolution 2015-01 BG Fire Department Responses on Property Immediately Adjacent to the Boundaries of BG JurisdictionDownload
Resolution 2016-02 Adoption of Rules Governing Accessory Structures Temporary Residence on Lots During Construction....Download
Resolution 2016-05 Financial Statement Minutes ResolutionDownload
Resolution 2018-09 Writing Off Bad DebtDownload
Resolution 2019-05 Procedure for Handling and Processing POA Sensative Election Materials and Tabulation of Ballot ResultsDownload
Resolution 2020-07 Adoption of Policies Procedures and Rules PolicyDownload
Resolution 2020-09 Investment of Reserve Funds PolicyDownload
Resolution 2020-09 Reserve Studies PolicyDownload
Resolution 2020-09 Unsightly Lots PolicyDownload
Resolution 2020-11 Records Inspection PolicyDownload
Resolution 2020-11 Temporarily Change Meeting and Hearing Procedures of the EACDownload
Resolution 2021-08 Alternate Dispute Resolution PolicyDownload
Resolution 2021-08 Covenant Enforcement Procedure PolicyDownload
Resolution 2022-01 Pet Dog PolicyDownload
Resolution 2022-04 Collection PolicyDownload
Resolution 2022-04 Data Protection PolicyDownload
Resolution 2022-04 Design GuidelinesDownload
Resolution 2022-05 Transfer and Consolidation Fee PolicyDownload
Resolution 2022-08 Collection PolicyDownload
Resolution 2022-08 Conduct of Meetings PolicyDownload
Resolution 2022-08 Covenant Enforcement Procedure PolicyDownload